Images And Incidents (In Text Only)

A posh reception area with a red hot cragged hole in the middle of the marble floor, reserved for the cooking of eggs.

An ostrich’s neck coming out of a stone (just the neck, the head is not involved).

A Donkey Kong machine, but in the form of a sneering boy with a joystick embedded in his scalp. During play all that happens is him gloatingly saying “Wot a shame, wot a shame”.

The space where a human throat was just a few seconds previously is glowing blue.

A fearful mouse is employed to design an electronic tunnel that will act as the entrance to a car park.

A woman with an iron sphere for a head has caused a miscarriage of justice. As she celebrates, disembodied eyes fade into existence around her.

An emotionless policeman melting on top of a parked car like butter on a baked potato.