A dramatic development!

An incredibly old video of mine from 2008 (or possibly 2007) wound up on a Fine Bros video. I had no idea it was going to happen. I’ve written an article about that video’s background at Medium.

In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not really bothered about getting financial compensation or whatever. It’s sort of just weirdly amusing to me. I did want a bit of credit, though… The video was linked to in the description box, so that’s something.

An update

I am still here, plugging away like an idiot.

I’m hoping to set up some sort of proper site / blog using this domain at some point soon which I can use for regular updates, but I’ll be moving away from WordPress due to this nonsense. I have some plans, not yet finalised. (Read: not even acted upon in any way.)

I have still been sticking the odd thing up on Youtube. I don’t always enjoy doing that, truth be told. I don’t think many people are enjoying anything a great deal right now, but that’s by the by. Here’s a couple of my most recent efforts:



My previous post had some slightly older music related uploads as well. Also, if you missed it, there was a Funny Horsie “remix” thing I did around Christmas. This link is to episode 1.

When you’re not on social media due to all the terrible terrible things it does to people, it can be very hard to get the word out about anything new you do. I’m wondering what I can do about that, as I don’t think a new site alone is going to do the job.

We all appear to be trapped. Can someone turn off the internet?